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Illumina City APP: Donovan 'Donnie' Leaguras by Sahara-Fang Illumina City APP: Donovan 'Donnie' Leaguras by Sahara-Fang

Name: Donovan “Donnie” Leaguras

Age: 20

Birthday: 8/25

Gender: male

Pokemon Species: Litleo



A down to earth guy in general, he likes to think of himself as a social goldfish. Somewhat sarcastic, he can be a playful flirt when it comes to girls… and occasionally guys. He’s passionate about his career choice and has a short fuse when it comes to certainty people and situations. Can also be somewhat perverted





Summary Characteristic:

-Likes to run

-Takes plently of Siestas



-Rivalry: raises the base power of a move by 25% if the foe and the user have the same gender, but reduces base power by 25% if the foe and the user have opposite genders. If the user or the foe is genderless, the move's base power is unaffected.


Move Set:

Fire Fang: deals damage and has a 10% chance of burning the opponent. It also has a 10% chance of causing the target to flinch, if the user attacks before the target.-well known to bite when mad, he also uses this to heat up food when its in his mouth.

Tackle: deals damage and has no secondary effect.- Being a sporty nerd, he enjoys going out and playing Tackle football with his friends, putting all he’s got into it.

 TM18 Rain Dance: When this move is used, a rainfall will start on the field which will last for five turns. This clears any other weather effect and it's possible to use it even if it is already raining. –seeing as he’ studying oceanography, he enjoys learning water type moves and use this to easily call fish out of water.





Growing up an only child Donnie was always seeking attention from his peers. His mother was a developer for computer softwares, while his father was a well-known bartender. Though his parents spent as much time with him as possible, their jobs wouldn’t allow them much time with their son. So, Donnie was raised by his grandfather, a fisherman. His grandfather taught him a lot of things, how to swim, fish, types of fish and how to eat them. They would go out to the beach every now and then, but mostly stuck to the marshes or nearby lakes. On his grandfather’s fishing boat, Donnie would learn a lot of things, mostly life lessons, how to fend for himself. It wasn’t until he was 6 years old when his grandfather broke his legs and had to retire from his fisherman job. Donnie knew his grandpa would want him to continue his love for the ocean, so he began to learn more about marine wildlife. He continued this though elementary school, making friends with some of the locals who showed some interest in his studies of marine life. It was not till he entered middle school that he also began to develop an interesting technology. His mother began to teach him how to set up firewalls and such; causing Donnie to create his own firewall he dubbed “the labyrinth”. Being the kid he was, Donnie would usually have fun adding glitches and viruses to make his ‘labyrinth’ deadly to those who wanted to enter his software. He gave a friend a copy of the software, Sylvestria Ronesta, to protect her personal computer from the unwanted prying of others, hiding her written stories and pictures. She and her twin, Xavia, moved away a couple months later to the country where they lived near a forest. When he entered high school, he began to develop yet another interest. Girls. He blamed puberty, but for some reason girls seemed to like him and he liked them back. It wasn’t till senior year that he also developed a liking for males too. Once he graduated, he began to work with his dad at the bar, mixing drinks and having fun, mostly to make a little cash for himself and fund for his college. He truly enjoyed working with his father, though most of the drinks he mixed were blue. One day, he got a phone call from his grandfather telling him to come visit him. When Donnie got there, he found an odd email on his grandfather’s computer. “An old friend sent me an invitation to a city full of technology. Now, we both know I sure as hell can’t get out of this cramped room, so im sendin ya out in ma place kiddo. Yer mum and dad know already, ya have money, so pack your crap up and start a new life.”


Physical Appearance:

Feral: he’s a little bigger than most litleo, defiantly not the runt in the family. The tuff of blue flame atop hi head is dyed regularly to keep its color. There is a small amount of scars on his upper legs, barley visible though his fur. His piercings are visible in this form.

Anthro: standing at 6 ft 1 in, he likes to make jokes about those who are smaller than him. The scars on his arms are more visible. He has a tribal tattoo around his left bicep. His blue flare still omits a slight glow, but is not as flammable. Most of his hair is shaved to the point of a buzz cut, except for the crown, which are basically thick luscious blue strands of hair. His piercings are visible in this form.

Gijnka: I standing at 5 ft 10 in, has a bronze tan color to his skin. His hair is still in its buzz cut fluffy top do. There are three rings on his left ear, two on his right, and both have gauges there is also a black ring on his bottom right lip. He’s most likely to wear faded jeans or shorts, and most of the clothing he wears are different hues of blue, or coastal colors. Often, he'll go around bare foot, but like to wear white or black shoes with, obviously, blue patterns. He’s well built, but more on the lean side than the muscle side.




+marine wildlife



+ Tacos


+lazy Mondays

+ sex



+yelling at the tv






-being a social outcast

-dry places

-unnecessary fights

- getting beaten at his game

-his fish dying

- when girls wear too much makeup

-high expectations of himself


Job/Skills: he's studying to be an oceanologist, but once worked as a bartender for a bit. is also tech savvy.



*he's a perv.

*would like to understand why the ocean is blue but never bothered to search it online

*he can swim, but tends to freak out in deep bodies of water.

*bisexual with straight tendencies

*he can be rude, but mostly sarcastic.

*he likes fish as much as the next person but prefers poultry.


is history is still a wip but i managed to get down most of the things that went down in his life.
EDIT: Cause i like drawing and redrawing and stuff i used the newest app and re-drew Donnie C: improvement mebby or what~:heart:
ANOTHEREDIT: I made his feral form bigger, remember he's not really a cub but he's more on the big side of the scale.

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Shadow-Pikachu6 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
giant kitty
TheFantomoftheNight Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Another artist/writer to review. I'd like to thank you for taking the time to create your character and submit their application to the group. I can probably speak for most of the admins and say that we're glad to see more and more people showing interest to our group. Now, I'll try to spare the details as I review over your character. Please understand that I can't entirely critique art without being bias, hence why I focus on the written portions.

From the short bit you had shown me earlier, I think that what you've put together here is pretty good. It's interesting to see Donnie hold such a grand desire to learn about the ocean and the creatures that live in it, despite his typing. Nearly anything can be done by anyone.

Anyway, I've read through Donnie's history and from the amount you have; I think that you've explained enough. You gave us details about his family, his childhood and events as he grew up, what his passion became, and how that passion followed and led him to Illumina City. There are some tiny bits that I feel just need to be changed or reworked, but other than them; your character's history is pretty much set.

:bulletgreen:Donnie & Technology:bulletgreen:

I can understand you wanted Donnie to have some knowledge in the technological side of marine biology as well as interaction with his parents. That's a good thing. But, it's fairly short and not only that, you introduce an unknown friend of Donnie's who makes a very short appareance.

"He gave a friend a copy of the software to protect her personal computer. She and her twin moved away a couple of months later."

If you wish to elaborate more on what Donnie did with his firewall software, there would be three options to follow through with here.

1. Introduce the significance of this friend
:pointr: If you plan to still use this friend, there must be some reason that they would need a firewall for their computer. Maybe they heard from Donnie that he built an interest in technology and completed his own firewall software. His friend might ask for that, considering that other firewall softwares don't protect their computer too well.

2. Change it to reflect on Donnie's mother
:pointr: Considering the fact that his mother is a software developer, you can change those lines to match what his mother does. Maybe, he did so well that she decided to use his software with her work. Of course, considering the difference in skill level between them, his mother would probably adjust her son's software to match the importance of her work. Yes, this would delete that friend. But, it ties greatly to the idea of Donnie and his mother bonding with the use of technology.

3. Remove it all together
:pointr: If you don't choose to adjust it, you can simply remove those lines. They don't really serve a purpose or significance to Donnie's history and it distracts the reader from the mini story. Deleting it all together won't entirely affect Donnie's history. It'll leave people questioning what he did with his software, but that's quite alright with leaving people with an open-ended question in mind.

:bulletyellow:Donnie & Bartending:bulletyellow:

Just like the bit with Donnie's introduction to technology, you only have one clear sentence of how Donnie gains an interest in bartending. Knowledge included, of course. I feel that if you wish to have your character retain this knowledge; you could provide a little more detail about what Donnie did as a bartender or how his dad convinced him.


Aside from grammar and spelling, I'm pretty sure I've covered the tiny bits that I wanted to point out. Please do understand that what I suggest will not prevent you from joining the group. I'm simply providing what could be changed or not over time. On one more personal note, I like how you combined the written application with the drawn application. You're not the first person to do this, but I feel it's a nice touch since pretty much gives some respect to the writers. So, thank you for that. :D I suppose that's everything in order. You have my acceptance of your character. Once the other admins get to your application, I'm sure everything will go smoothly.
Sahara-Fang Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student Artist
ahh okay, ill get to adding those little tidbits. 

the friend mentioned is another one of my characters, and she's located in Poke-Coast, while the twin is in Twilight Gardens. i like to have most of my characters intertwined with each other, whether it be a small glimpse or old bond between each other, it makes me think that they're all in the same universe. If that's not allowed, ill change it right away.
TheFantomoftheNight Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. I didn't know any of that because there is literally only two lines about Donnie's friends. It's kinda this unknown detour in his history. We're learning that he got interesting technology, software development specifically, during middle school. We learn that his mother helps and he makes his software firewall that he dubs the "Labyrinth". Then, right after that, we get told that he shares it with an unknown friend who happens to move away. Then, right after that, we jump into his high school years where puberty strikes. But, that one break where his friends are mentioned, it's like a cut in statement. A random bit of detail that sticks out and deters away from the story. We don't know who these other characters are and their full relation to Donnie.

I wouldn't say it's not allowed. I actually don't have a say in the matter. It just left me confused and a tad bit off in the story. Who were these friends? When did Donnie meet them? Why did they use his software? Were they there since he was a kid or did he meet them recently? Alot questions could come up. If this friend and her sister appeared earlier in his history, then we'd understand why they were mentioned. Do you see or understand what I mean? Hopefully, I'm not causing too much confusion here.
Sahara-Fang Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student Artist
yeah i added a little more but honestly my brain is fried like a tempura prawn at the moment. I cant come up with anything, other than making it up as i go and going back and revising everything in the future. Guess writers block is back but i want to write so bad... 
TheFantomoftheNight Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That's alright. I can see that you've added additional information to his history and I can say that it does remove the possible confusion to all readers. Donnie's history flows through smoothly and it looks great now. :D

Don't worry about writer's block. You have the ideas, but when it comes to writing them down; they don't necessarily come. I know the feeling. I have it with all three groups I'm in. I have to make Edan's final story for Poke Coast. I have to make an epilogue to Mission One for PMDU with Alan and Fio. I also have to make some story for Illumina City to progress its own story. I have all the ideas in my head, but once I sit down to write; they just vanish. So, in some senses, we're both in the same boat.
Xxcandywater-fallsxX Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
so you are trying to join
Sahara-Fang Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student Artist
yup, im gonna give it a shot, see if donnie has some fun ^w^
Xxcandywater-fallsxX Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
well, hope you get in ^^
Sahara-Fang Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Artist
Thanks :)
Xxcandywater-fallsxX Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i see you got in))
Sahara-Fang Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student Artist
Yep :meow:
Xxcandywater-fallsxX Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thats great :3
Sahara-Fang Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Student Artist
Now to meet new people lol i need to draw a RP starter soon :3
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